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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Rain Rain Go Away

Has anyone told the weather forecasters that it is JUNE and it's not supposed to be raining right now. I would really like to have a garden and send Jahnna outside. Riley has a ton of summer outfits and she can't wear any of them. I should stop complaining. I know that there is a drought and all that but my goodness I am sick of rain. In other news we have a lady from our ward who is setting up an enormous yard sale to benefit Colby. We have benefit accounts set up at Wells Fargo and also at Zions so people who want to donate money are able to do so. I am going on the radio with her on Thursday morning which will be nerve racking.I don't think I'm a very good public speaker so I hope it goes well. I'm excited my mom is coming out to visit the last weekend in June. We are taking Colby down to Provo for a cranial sacral conference. He is going to be a demonstration kid for them. I'm excited we get the work done on him. He loves it. He always sleeps so good the night of a treatment so hopefully he will sleep after this. My mom is going to stay with the girls while John and I take him down. It won't be a totally kid free night out with my husband but at least it will be something! If you are going to be in our area on the 21st stop by the yard sale at lee's market and say Hi!


At June 10, 2008 at 9:45 PM , Blogger Stacy said...

Erin, what a nice neighbor you have. That is awesome of her. Good luck with the conference.


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