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Thursday, January 1, 2009

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More pictures

Jahnna and dad building an igloo on the back porch.

Going out to play

Video games with dad

Yes you must hold a gun to play war games. It's some sort of rule in my home. In order to watch a war movie or play a video game a real gun must be present. Unloaded of course.

Uncle Travis taking Uncle Galen out while Colby tried to shoot him.

Setting off bottle rockets in the snow! You gotta love the fireworks from Battle Mountain in NV.

Jahnna dancing with Uncle Galen.

Riley looking cool in Daddy's hat.

John corrupting the nieces with temporary tattoo's. Tessa loved them Allie wouldn't let him touch her. It was pretty funny.

Colby, Allie, and Jahnna

Riley playing the harmonica

The price we pay for good fashion. Jahnna wouldn't take them off even though they didn't fit.

Princess Jahnna

Helping Dad unwrap his gun.


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