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Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Not much going on

So nothing much has been happening lately. We are still waiting for orders to move down to Salt Lake. Stupid army can never decide if they want you to stay or go so as of now the slot is reserved for John at the sandy office but it will take another month to get orders cut. So maybe 4 months maybe 3 who knows.

Riley is sick. She is quite possibly the most clingy child when she feels the slightest illness. She is literally sleeping on top of my chest at night. Fluid on the ear, red throat and cutting canine teeth all at the same time makes my life peachy!

I'm on this insane Hcg diet so I get the priveledge of only eating 500 calories a day. Yes this is technically a starvation diet but the hormones yada yada yada it all works out and you don't actually starve to death even though I could go to an all you can eat buffet right this second and I don't think there would be a single bite of food left for anyone else. Supposedly the hunger goes away around tomorrow. We shall see. So in 9 days of starving myself I have lost 6.5 pounds. which is actually right on track. I'm supposed to go 40 days but I have given myself permission to stop in another 14 if I don't feel like continuing on. You have to do 23 days so that is when it will be 23 days.

Pretty much that is it. I'm tired and hungry and a little crank. I think I'll go find a cup of cabbage soup and eat it.


At January 24, 2009 at 8:44 AM , Blogger Sara (Ferreira) Haslam said...

Erin you crack me up!! Good luck with Riley & the diet!!


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