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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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We went down to primaries today to have Colby's stitches taken out. His appointment is at 12:45 we go back to the room at 1:15. We see the nuero surgeon around 1:45 and finally get the stitches out at 2:00. Unfortunately we were supposed to have his baclofen pump adjusted at 1:30. Fortunately the rehab dept loves Colby and said just come up when we got done. In fact they love Colby so much we got a free treat from the cafeteria from them because we had to wait for them to accommodate us into their schedule. I thought it was pretty funny that we messed up their schedule and they gave us a treat for it. By the time we left the hospital at 3:30 the University of Utah was being evacuated for a gas pipe leak. It took us an hour to reach the freeway from the hospital. Talk about the wrong time to leave. Fortunately we made it through the rest of the way with no rush hour traffic and the snow storm over sardine hadn't gotten to bad yet. So it was a little irritating to begin with but we made it through.


At March 30, 2009 at 3:47 PM , Blogger Cheney Fam said...

Erin, We were in Layton when the had the gas leak and my little brother was trying to get through. I told him he was just screwing with us and making excuses. Grandma Loralee died. She was pretty sick, so it was ok. My email is and I don't have yours. Good luck, you are always in our prayers. My kids have started praying for Colby too, they see your blog. Shaney


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