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Saturday, July 12, 2008

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Been Busy

We've been really busy lately and I just hadn't realized it. We had a really fun fourth of july. Colby wasnt really into it but Jahnna and miss fearless Riley was. Riley was ready to go out and get all of the fireworks. She kept handing John a new one just as soon as they finished. Grandpa and Grandma Amundsen came over for dinner and a firework show. Logan is lame. They do their fireworks on the third of July. Stupid if you ask me but it's lets us do our own thing I guess. We've also been to Twin Falls Idaho. Galen (my brother) was there at the temple opening with all the other missionaries in the Boise Idaho mission. It was great to get to see him. He's working hard and loving it! He was just called to be the assistant to the mission president along with Elder steven huesman. Fun for them that they get to serve together again. It was funny because he hadn't seen Riley until now and I don't think he's seen alli or tessa either since all three were born after he left on his mission. Time goes by fast he only has 4 or 5 months left. We also went fishing at a fish farm out here in smithfield. If you've never been you should go it's hysterically easy and fun for kids. I had my hands full Riley kept wanting to go swim with the fish. She was walking along the banks pointing and saying fish fish. Colby and Jahnna had fun catching and releasing for an hour. We forgot to bring our cooler to take some home and smoke. That's been all the fun here oh except grandma hoxie got to come visit for 5 days. It was fun to see her. Weird to think the fair was happening without her though! We had a bunch of pics so I thought I'd just do a slide show. Hope you like!


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