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Monday, April 20, 2009

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Happy Late Easter

Here are pictures from our late Easter yesterday. Jahnna wanted to know if the Easter Bunny was a boy or a girl so she asked John. He said he didn't know because the Easter bunny doesn't speak English. Jahnna told him that maybe the Easter bunny uses sign language and John said I don't think so all it does is wiggle it's nose. A very exasperated Jahnna told him "well just figure it out OK!" Unfortunately she is fast approaching the age of not believing and is questioning everything this last year. She wanted to know if I bought the barbies or if the Easter bunny made them because it had a to and a from on the back just like the toy boxes at the store. I thought good crud your only 5 couldn't the questions wait a few more years? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

After we put Riley to bed Saturday night we dyed the eggs. Colby was not real thrilled about the whole thing. I think he just wasn't thrilled about pictures. The one picture of him laying on the pink blanket is him hiding from the camera. He was growling at me.

Finally the very last picture is a picture of Colby's IV medication. No pump you just hook that up to his arm and unclamp it and it runs for about a half an hour then you flush with saline and heparin and he's done for 6 hours. Hopefully we are done with antibiotics in two days but I guess the lab work will tell today. Typing this has reminded me that I haven't updated this in a week so I better do that real quick. I brought Colby home Wednesday night from the hospital. He has to have an iv every 6 hours. We had to rewire the PICC line on Monday because a student nurse pulled the stitches out and accidentally pulled the line back about a centimeter and a half. Colby's atenolol is doing great but I think we might have to up the dose. He is still having some periods of high blood pressure. It's usually when he is the calmest which makes no sense to me but he is the backward boy. We have a home health nurse coming out once a week to change the dressing on his PICC line and to take blood work and a urine sample. Because his kidneys were damaged you have to monitor his protein levels and hematacrit because nafcillin can cause more damage. What fun! Tomorrow we will go down and have his stitches taken out by neurosurgery. The incision looks good except that you can tell he's been opened up several times. We will follow up with the infectious disease doctors next Thursday to make sure everything is good on the level. That's about it for now. He is excited to be able to go back to school and see his friends. As far as getting another baclofen pump goes, I think we will give it some time before we make a decision.

John starting the bbq for hamburgers.

Colby watching Wubzzy outside after hunting for eggs.

After seeing this picture I have started my hcg diet again this morning. 40 more pounds to go. Wish me luck

Riley hunting for eggs

Jahnna hunting for eggs

Riley inspecting her bubbles

Colby hiding from the camera.

Jahnna's white Easter dress. She was so excited to have a white dress. We made her change into the other dress to hunt eggs because white and Jahnna don't work well. So far it has survived two sundays so I'm impressed.

Colby glaring at mom! You can see the end of his IV out of his shirt. That's what it looks like when it's not hooked up.

Jahnna waiting to dye eggs.

John hard at work decorating eggs.

IV antibiotics.


At April 20, 2009 at 9:18 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

Happy Easter you guys. I love white dresses too. Jahnna and are are kindred spirits that way. It was good to see you at the BBQ. Catch ya later.


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