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Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Happy 6th Birthday

How in the world has it been six years already? It sure doesn't seem that long. I remember how excited we were to be having you and how scared you made us right away! I had to go to the doctors alot with you because first they thought you were an eptopic pregnancy, then they thought I was going to have a miscarriage with you and then you decided to do some funky heart beats during a routine checkup. I was so sick with you I actually lost 25 pounds. I think my favorite word for you is tumultous. Or maybe tenacious. I'm not sure which! Your tenacity showed itself before you were even born! You didn't want to come out! My doctor scheduled me to be induced after he got back from his vacation over memorial day weekend. You had other plans for that Friday night. I started contractions, went to the hospital, came home, immediately went into back labor and then went back to the hospital. You didn't want to come out and then when you did finally did decide it was time, the nurse told me I couldn't push you out because the doctor was delivering twins. So I had to "not push" for the next two hours. I was exhausted before you even got here! You were sunny side up so when the doctor was finally ready for you you decided to get yourself stuck for another hour! The vacuum they used on your head made your dad say you looked like a 155 shell. Leave it to Daddy to think of ammunition on the day you were born!

You are so loved little girl. You make every day an adventure. Sometimes your "experiments" take over the house and the backyard but that just shows your curiosity. You are always asking questions, looking for answers. You are learning to read so fast. Big words too! Daddy is excited that you have learned to ride your bike, so now you can go for bike rides together. We love the way you help with your brother and your sister. I know it's hard when little sisters get into your things. It's hard being the oldest! (Not speaking from experience or anything!) But you always end up sharing when they really want you to.

I know it's hard to always have mom at doctors appts and therapies also but you are very understanding. Your understanding of Heavenly Fathers plan for you and your siblings humbles me daily. Your prayers are so sincere and show such depth I am amazed at times. Jahnna I hope you know how much of a priveledge I consider it to be your mother. We love you and hope you have a very happy birthday!

Daddy used to make a bombing noise and then tickle you. You would pout and then laugh. It wa so funny to watch.

Helping Daddy shovel the driveway. You still love the cold more than the heat. Better hope we never move to phoenix!

Learning to crawl

Trying to sit on Winchester

Daddy's present to you after he came back from 5 months at FT. Carson in Colorado.

Red licorice makes a huge mess. Your grandma thought you were bleeding in the picture!

The first day of Kindegarten

Camping with Daddy

Princess Jahnna

Our little star


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