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Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Random Weekend Thoughts

I finally don't have a headache! I'm so happy. About a month ago I started having these horrible, horrible headaches. Nothing touched them. I went to an internal medicine doctor for some stuff with my thyroid, he said it was just tension. He told me to get a massage from my husband 3 times a day, go to the chiropractor and if I had a flex spending plan he'd write me a prescription for a hot tub!

Ummm sure. I'll make sure I get right on all three of those things. He wanted John to come home from work at lunch just to give me a massage. Like that's gonna happen. And what is a hot tub supposed to do for me? I can see the chiropractor helping but a hot tub? Don't get me wrong, I'd love a hot tub but it's really not in the game plan any time soon. He also told me I needed to reduce the stress in my life! I almost laughed at him.

Did he just miss the part where I told him my son has quadraparesis, dystonia and dysphagia? Not to mention a 6 year old with ADHD and a 2 year old who told me this morning she is on crack! (Side note.... It's kind of a running joke in our family to ask if your on crack. So no we don't really give her crack. That would be bad!) Anyway moving on with my story, yesterday I had this horrible headache and took a deep breath through my nose and the room started spinning. I thought that was kind of strange and told John what it did. He told me to call the doctor because I probably had a sinus infection. I've never had a sinus infection. Ever! I haven't even had a cold this year. So where did that come from? So I went. The dr saw me 15 minutes after I called. Have I mentioned I love living in a small community?

I told him what was going on and he said "Hmmm sounds like a sinus infection. Let's take a look" So he did. I hate that! That's just not right to have someone look up your nose with a flashlight! So I have this crazy sinus infection that he said looked pretty bad. I've now had 3 doses of Augmentin and I feel great! No headache. And amazingly enough I can breathe. I've been congested since we moved here. I was congested when I lived here to go to college. I expect to be congested in this valley. Today is the first time in almost three years I haven't been congested! I am so excited!

After getting home from the doctor for me, Colby started acting like he was congested again. He started throwing up and getting really spastic. Of course he waited for a weekend for his sinus infection to come back in full force! So we went to the doctor again. Now he's on Zithromax cause Amoxicillin and Augmentin didn't touch it. Poor kid. So the real question is..... Why can I tell when my kids have sinus infections but I can't tell when I have one?

Now I know, so I've learned something new, yet again on my self-taught course to becoming a medical professional!

I also wanted to say thank you to the three lovely ladies who I'll be introducing here soon who passed on blogger awards to me this week. Due to my insane headaches I have not gotten around to posting them. I am working on it and hopefully by Tuesday I'll have gotten that accomplished.

And one final thought. Everyone knows that medical care is expensive. That's a given. We are fortunate to have awesome coverage through the military. What we don't have is coverage for equipment the government doesn't think applies to Colby. Some of that stuff is crazy expensive. I'm talking $450 for an outfit to help him be more aware of his arms and legs so he can have more control over them. Plus we'd love to get him more Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments. 40 of those treatments cost $10,000.

In our ongoing effort to raise funds for things like this, I've made a button over on the right side of my blog under his video. It's for an ebook of fun kids recipes. It's basically a donation button. You can change the price of the ebook to what ever you want if you'd like to help out Colby. I'm going to try to remember to change the ebook every month so it will change. And not that I've made any money off the ads on this blog but any proceeds from ads on it will go into his fundraising account. None of it is for me or for things for the family. It all goes to him. So if you ever feel like helping out my beautiful boy we'd sure love you forever! Isn't he cute? I think so!

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