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Saturday, February 6, 2010

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February Molly

Here is my review of Molly's Money Saving Digest for February.

In this months back to the basics Molly is teaching us all about potatoes. Having lived in Idaho for almost 5 years of my life you'd think I would have seen some of the links that were included or some of the recipes but I hadn't. I don't even use potatoes all that much. My kids like them, my thighs don't. There are some yummy recipes for potato latkes, one person microwave potato soup, make ahead twice baked potatoes and more. Made my mouth water and I've decided to get my potatoes out from the bottom of my pantry and start cooking. I'm sure my kids will thank me, probably even my husband will. I'm just not so sure about my scale in the morning!

Did you know that there are other holidays and things to celebrate in February other than Valentines day? I remembered the presidents birthdays but here are a couple of others from the special dates section of the e-book. The  12th is Plum Pudding Day and also on the 14th are Ferris Wheel Day and National Organ Donor Day. National Organ Donor Day is a pretty important one. I'd like to encourage everyone to take a look over here at Matthews Moms blog so you can learn just how important Organ donation is! He is one miraculous boy and I'm so excited for him and his new kidney!

Back to Molly's Digest this is also the month to get your gift closet inventory under control. What? You don't have a gift closet let alone an inventory? Okay to be honest neither do I. It's something I've dreamed of doing yet some how never seem to get around to. That's okay. Now I have a way to get started with all the handy tips from this month.

There are also so great tips on redecorating your house in case your going stir crazy with all the snow lately. You can reuse a bunch of stuff or rearrange in all that time you would have spent pacing the floors willing the sun to shine. Oops maybe it's just me that does that. Sorry.

There is another weeks worth of menus for this month. It's called the Love feast. There's some Chicken Pot Pie that looks yummy, some pepper steak and some home made pizzas that are making my stomach growl will I type this. And because this e-book is so awesome there's even a grocery list for you to take to the store so you don't forget anything.

The kids section is focusing on teaching your kids some money sense. And something old, something new teaches you how to turn a flannel shirt into several different new things. You'll just have to head over here at The Old School House store to see what it is.This e-book is only $4.95 and you should head over and get your own copy right now so you don't miss out on anything this month.

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