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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Wordless Wednesday

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After 7 years he finally decided I wasn't bad luck! I figure after everything we've been through in the last seven years there is no way bad luck from a tattoo would ruin our marriage. So this is Johns valentines day present. It's what he wanted. The heart and name are obviously for me. The three roses represent each of our kids. The red on is for Jahnna, the blue one is for Colby and the pink one is for Riley. He already has their names on his arm but he figures that the roses are because I gave each of them to him so it was fitting to put them by my name also. I like it. The only bad thing is, is that now he's planning his next one. He's got the urge for tattoos again.  I know I'm really not good at this whole wordless thing. Maybe next week.

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