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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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I have issues

Of course I have issues! Lots of them. But today one in particular is seriously bugging me. What is it with the stupid Max and Ruby cartoons? Where is the mom and dad? Why do kid bunnies live by themselves and occasionally get visited by grandma bunny or by bunny scout leader bunny? What does this say about me that it bothers me so bad?

How hard would it have been to write parents into the script? My 6-year-old can't put her siblings to bed so why would a bunny rabbit 6-year-old be able to? Maybe she's a little older but not much. Actually I just went to the website and it says Max is 4 and Ruby is 7. So I stand corrected.

Colby loves watching Max and Ruby so I let him. I think he likes that Max is kind of naughty some times. That and the duck that quacks. He likes that. If he didn't laugh so hard during the cartoon I'd just change the channel. Colby watches a lot of TV since it makes him happy. But he's picky and it's hard to find one he will like. He doesn't like movies. They have to be half an hour to forty-five minutes long and then it has to change to something else. His attention span is getting longer so maybe that's why.

Anyway, I'm over my rant about Max and Ruby now. Not really sure why it bugs me so bad. It just does. Maybe because I think that after all parents do for their kids maybe Nick Jr. could acknowledge that in their cartoons. Just a suggestion from an irritated parent.

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