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Let's face it, when you have a kid who survived a stroke, life is always going to be a little chaotic.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Two of the Three Sickie Ickies.

I love when my kids share! I love when they are nice to each other. I like to congratulate myself on occasion for teaching them good manners. I forgot to tell them that they really don't have to share the flu. But since they are so generous with each other they did. Here's the slumber party in Colby's room after his nurse left this morning. Riley came in a promptly fell asleep for another hour. Colby slept another hour and a half and Jahnna, well I still haven't seen Jahnna yet this morning. I think she's watching Barbie movies downstairs because I can hear the TV. That means she's doing well enough to get out of bed. Maybe we're on the upswing. I hope so.

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