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Saturday, February 27, 2010

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We are THAT family!

Today was a beautiful day! It was sunny and warmed up to the 50's. Got me hoping for spring but I know better than to think this will last. Anyway, I talked John out of his plan to hibernate in the basement today and head down to Hill Air Force Bases Aerospace museum.

Just in case you didn't know for 6 months out of the year Johns nickname is Badger. He hibernates in our basement until the snow melts and then you won't find him in the house before 10:00 at night. And for the record it was his idea to live where there was snow and I remind him of it every winter.

Got side tracked! Sorry. Colby loves planes. His room has 7 airplanes hanging from the ceiling. One of the few words he says consistently is airplane. He loves them. If I ask him if he's going to fly a plane someday he smiles super big and says yes.

We don't live far from the museum so since it's free I figured we'd give it a shot today. I haven't seen Colby smile this much on a family outing in a long time!

This is him catching sight of all the planes on the grounds. Some how I missed taking a shot of the outside and all the planes out there. We walked around and realized how big some of those things are. Johns been in a transport plane before so he knows how big they are but until your standing by a wheel that's taller than your head they just don't seem that huge!

After walking around and Colby and the girls getting a kick out of touching all the planes we went into the museum. Holy jackpot in the form of the gift store. Lets just say that thanks to us they aren't going out of business any time soon. John's a military history buff so of course he had to get a book, Colby needed a new plane to add to his collection, Riley needed a Rosie the Riveter water bottle, Jahnna needed a V is for Victory purse and I got a Rosie the Riveter nightshirt that says "We can do it". I'll just let you imagine the implication behind that saying on a nightshirt! And for the record I didn't pick it out. My husband did.

So after that excursion I reminded everyone that the whole point of the trip was not to pillage the gift shop, it was in fact to see the museum. Off we went to the indoor museum. Here's so more shots of our family.

Watching a short video on women in the army and the airforce.

A cool helicopter

The family in front of a widow maker! This plane is one of my favorites.

John catching Colby smiling at a plane. I don't know why I am so confused. 


Jahnna had to take a picture and Riley was not going to be in it, if Jahnna was taking it. Sisterly love.

So are you wondering why I say we are THAT family?  Did any of you military wives catch it? Three of the five of us are wearing some form of Army attire to an air force museum. We are the obnoxious ones in every situation every time. More to come on that statement in a minute.

John and his shirt. At least his isn't as bad as the Army Nascar jacket I'm wearing. And Jahnnas shirt is technically a womans medium. I'm not sure how they figure any woman is going to fit in a shirt that a six-year-old could wear. Maybe the army needs to rethink its weight standards for joining the military? J/K.

After this fun-filled day where everyone was relatively happy except for Riley lagging behind the entire time, we went for lunch at Chili's. RIght in the middle of my delicious lunch Riley looks at me says "My tummy hurts and throws up all over the tile floor. She would have hit the middle of the table but John grabbed her head and directed it under the table. Thanks honey! I really did want to eat my ribs.

Then she threw up in the aisle as John was trying to run her to the bathroom. So much for her being over the flu and feeling better. She hadn't thrown up in almost 48 hours so I thought we were done with it. I never would have taken her out of the house if I thought she was going to do that. So this is yet another example of why we are THAT family!

Here is a link to the newest donation button for Colby's fundraising account. This ebook is for fondue recipes.

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