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Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Molly Members Program Review

More Molly-Less Money

This month I had the opportunity to review Molly's new member program. It's $3.95 a month and you can cancel any time. You get the same digest which is $4.95 each month. So right off the bat you are saving $1. Pretty good deal since this digest is all about how to save money and live more frugally. In addition to the $1 a month savings you also receive access to Molly's member memos, free member only downloads, supplemental resources, samples and member only contests.

Wow all that and it's a $1 less each month than the regular digest. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

In the March digest we get some great recipes for bbq rubs, sauces and a great lesson on both charcoal and gas grilling. After reading this months articles I had to have John get out the bbq and invite some friends over for some yummy bbq. Who cares that there is still snow on the ground? It's never stopped us before.

I also loved the article on uses for left over two litter soda bottles. I had no idea I could reuse those for something different other than water storage in my basement. I guess I had never really thought about it before. Now I know what my kids teachers are getting for end of the year presents.

Once again if you're looking to cut corners and live a more frugal life than you can't go wrong with Molly's Digest. Head over here and get started.

Here is a link to the newest donation button for Colby's fundraising account. This ebook is for fondue recipes.
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