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Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Thoughts on planning and salsa

If you've seen our days around here you'd probably think I would have to be super organized and have a pretty firm schedule. What you have to realize is that I despise schedules. I hate having to be places at a certain time regularly. I don't like to be tied to things like appointments and medications and cooking.

But I do some of it because I have to. Colby needs medication at certain times every day.


Got that covered because I have to. My dislike of routine is not worth his comfort level.



My hate of being tied down to a certain time does not mean that I should inconvenience other people. So I'm on time. Often early. Mostly early because I hate when others are late. My dad taught me when I was growing up that if you were anything other than fifteen minutes early you were really late. Make sense? It didn't to me until I was older. My dad doesn't talk a lot but I learned to really pay attention when he did. He's a pretty wise man.

So because I try to pay attention to the little things like meds and appointments I often don't pay attention to other things. Like the food in my refrigerator.


You mean food has a shelf life?

Are you sure?

The bowl in my refrigerator of very nicely gelled chicken stock that I slaved over for 24 hours (really it just simmered on the stove for that long, no slaving over anything was done!) has now ungelled itself and started to smell.

I thought it was only in there for two or three days. I was going to be so organized and put it into one cup packages in the freezer so I had it for cooking with. I looked at the calendar. Oops. It's really been two weeks. No wonder it smells like that!

Oh well. Next time I'll be more organized. All though it really does kill me to dump it down the sink. That's some seriously rich chicken broth.


At least while I was out in the refrigerator I found another big Tupperware bowl that I really did just put out there two days ago. Did you know that here in Utah most people have a refrigerator in their garage just for soda? It's true. Well it's not really  just for soda big families mean there's a need for two. I'd never seen it before I moved here. Swore I'd never do it.

Never say never!

What was in the Tupperware bowl you ask?

Pureed tomatoes from my garden last year and cilantro. Why did I freeze bags of tomatoes? I have no idea! But I did. And I needed the freezer space so I thought I'd make some salsa. Two days ago. But then I got the flu and couldn't go get the rest of the ingredients. So I sent my sister. Thank you sister!

THen I forgot about making salsa. Even with the cilantro and onions and jalapenos sitting on my counter. Today I made it. But I'm not super organized so I forgot to take pictures till it was done. I promise if your still reading you will want this recipe!

So here is my aftermath. I've never used canned jalapenos before.

They are my new favorite thing. So much easier than cutting and seeding them myself. Just dump them in the blender and puree. I don't like chunky salsa. It's a texture thing. I can see the onions and peppers. If they are pureed they magically disappear and I can eat it. I know I'm strange but that's okay.

Anyway here is what it looked like after.



Those are one cup containers that I will freeze until we want salsa. So Yummy! And because you read through the whole thing here is the recipe that I got from my wonderful friend Erin. She lives in Germany now and we miss her and her family tons. So I get to remember great bar-b-ques and fun times every time I make this! Thanks again for sharing Erin.

 Erin Haley's Salsa

In a blender mix
1 big can of tomatoes (or a 1 gallon bag of frozen Roma tomatoes)
1 bunch green onions chopped
1 jalapeno deseeded
1 bunch of cilantro
2 cloves garlic (or garlic powder to taste)
lemon juice
lemon pepper
garlic powder
lawrys seasoned salt
The lemon juice through the cumin is all to your taste. So add a little, taste, then add a little more.
Puree everything in blender. Eat with chips or add to anything you want salsa with.

I love this recipe because for me it's different every time. This time it's spicier because I used canned jalapenos and I didn't know how much puree to use. Last time it wasn't spicy at all because I forgot the peppers. Play around with it you'll like it!

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