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Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Kids say the funniest things

We've had quite a week this week. For the first time in almost two years I have been able to sleep at night. And boy have I slept. Deep and fast. The dreamless kind. It's been heaven. The true test will come this weekend when I don't have a nurse and I have to get up with him. We'll see if my body still remembers how to do it.

The flip side to that is that everyone has to go with me when I go anywhere. We make quite a sight walking through a store. I really need to get a picture of it. Colby is loving it. He doesn't think that his nurse should be here even at night. He laughs when I ask him if he wants mommy to stay with him and then says yes.

If you noticed the name change to the blog it's because I've been doing the Family Time and Money Freedom course. Since your supposed to envision the things you want in life and make positive goals instead of negative ones I figured it would be an easy switch to change the blog name. If you've been to our house over the course of the last two years you would notice that indeed our home has gone from a state of total chaos to a more manageable level of chaos. I figure if I remain optimistic and positive eventually my house will be a home of peace. If you'd like more information on the FTMF course you can click on the jackrabbit link in the upper right corner. I'm loving it.

On to the funny things my kids have said this week. Oldest first! Jahnna wants to make a bird house with her dad. He had some plywood cut up into perfect size pieces for a birdhouse and she has convinced him to make one. As they are talking about the things they will need he said screws. Jahnna's face lights up with a big grin and she says "Screwing! I love screwing! I'm good at screwing!" John looked up at me and couldn't stop laughing. Then she says "Well I am good at screwing" I lost it then.

Colby has woken up every night this week at 10:30. Not normal for him but his tummy has been a little upset. We were getting ready to go to bed two nights ago and heard him laughing in his room. We leave the TV on low so he has some background noise at night and a light for when he wakes up. Plus it usually bought me about 15 minutes of sleep before he'd start yelling for me. Anyway he was laughing at Wow Wow Wubbzy. He's got this long wavy yellow tail and one of the characters on there says it's a kooky tail. So we came in and asked him what was so funny and he said "Kook tal" then starts laughing again. It's always a huge thing when he says anything and it even sounded like what he was wanting to say so we were pretty excited for him. He said like three more times before he fell back asleep. I know he's going to speak again it's just hard to be patient.

Riley must have picked up her funny saying from cousin Allie who was here in May. She started coming up to us to hold her and saying "I hold you" It's so cute especially because she's never been a super cuddly kid. She's also learning her colors and counting. But if she gets it wrong and you say "it's pink" instead of her "it's purple" she argues with you until you say it's what ever color she said it really is and then she says "no mom it's pink" and you have to say "Oh pink" and then she comes back with "right pink" like it was you who was mistaken all along. She was also ordering kids around at the doctors office like they weren't 4 to 6 years older than her. She was quit dismayed when they wouldn't sit in the chairs she commanded them to. She had them backed into a corner telling them "Sit please sit!" I came to their rescue after seeing the terror in their eyes. Thankfully I got called in a few minutes later.

That's about it for now. They said a bunch of other funny things but I forgot to write them down so this is all I've got for now.


At June 20, 2009 at 12:58 PM , Blogger Cyndi said...

I LOVE IT! Kids are always great for a laugh when you least expect it!

At June 20, 2009 at 2:49 PM , Blogger Matt and Erin said...

The screwing one got us, real good. I could just picture John's face. :) Thanks for the laugh!

At June 20, 2009 at 3:25 PM , Blogger Sara (Ferreira) Haslam said...

Those are great Erin! And congrats on Colby talking more!! :)


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