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Monday, June 22, 2009

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Night Nursing

I have officially survived my firs weekend without night nursing. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I am so excited that tonight I get to sleep. Last night Colby was up for all but maybe 3 hours. He went to sleep at his normal time but we had a little visitor come to our home. Cousin Tessa came for a visit with her mom and dad. She is a cutie. She wanted to kiss Colby so bad. She told my brother Jason that Colby loved her kisses and he did. So much that he didn't want to go back to sleep for two hours after they left. (Don't worry Nicki I'm not complaining. I think it was so sweet she was kissing him and holding his hand. Totally worth it for him to get to spend time with her. Plus you guys got to see him awake and happy!) Really I think he just slept so long yesterday afternoon that he didn't feel the need to sleep last night. I on the other hand really missed the sleep I've already gotten used to after one week.

On the flip side of the coin. I don't want to go anywhere during the day. I know I'm being selfish but I just don't want to haul out the wheelchair and try and keep Riley from runnin away and getting squished by a car or something. I should do better about taking my kids places during the day and doing things but it's a challenge and somedays I am still not up to it. So we'll give it another go this week and see what happens. I think that in July when he is going to school 3 days a week it will be a little easier and then during the school year when he is at school 4 days a week it will be even easier. I'm not counting down the days or anything. I guess I should have done a not me monday after all! I didn't think I had any in me after this splitting headache/cold/possible swine flu I've got going on.

On the swine flu issue. I was talking with one of the kidneys doctors friday evening. Had some concerns about his new ace inhibitor and allergic reactions. Anyway she told me I sounded like I had a cold and I said I did. (Figures the week I get more sleep I get sick!) Anyway she said she had just gotten a memo that said like 85% of all viral stuff going around in Utah right now is actually the flu. Of that 85% 96% is swine flu. I can't do math today but that's something like 84% of all people who think they have a cold or allergies right now actually have the swine flu. Fun times right? She said the only reason people are dying from it is if they have some underlying condition which I don't have but I hope I don't pass it on to Colby. So I'm being extra precautious. So if you think you have a cold stay home. That's my sound medical advice since in the last week I apparently gave myself a doctorate! And on that note I am officially done dispensing medical advice.

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