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Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Some pictures from Christmas

Here are a few pictures from Christmas. I haven't uploaded from my camera yet so I'm sure there will be some more later on.

My dad and Riley. My parents brought up an actual thinking chair from Blue's Clue's. It's awesome and it's actually pretty comfortable if a little small for adults. Grandpa is not a man of many words but you know you are loved when he watches Saturday morning cartoons with you.

Colby was being a stinker and wanted to lay on the table. He loves his army beanie and wants to wear it inside all day even when his head gets sweaty!

Jahnna playing with playdough. She's very intense when it comes to her sculpting.

I think we were singing a song. Doesn't he look thrilled with me. It's kind of a look that says "fine mom I'll go along with it for now but don't push your luck to long!"

 Riley wanted a different color playdough. She thought she should have all the colors all at once. She finally got her way and now we have bunches of brown multicolored playdough.

Seriously someone should tell me to put some makeup on during the holidays. Colby's getting a bit big to sit on my lap but don't tell him. He gets sad.

Jahnna and Grandma dancing I think.

Colby in his stander. The massage thing is to keep his head from falling to the side. I need to rig a better system but for now this works and he's happy to be standing up.

Riley helping dad open his presents. She couldn't stand to wait her turn to open a present so she tried helping everyone.

And finally this one is just a goofy face for both of us. I was trying to open something and Colby was irritated I was taking to long. I guess I'm slowing down already!


At January 8, 2010 at 8:07 PM , Blogger Helga said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas :o)


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