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Friday, February 5, 2010

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5 Question Friday 2/5/10

My Little Life

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1. What are you most afraid of?
I'm most afraid of something happening to me and what would happen to Colby and Johns sanity. I always tease him when the kids are having a bad day. I tell him it would just be easier to kill myself than to kill one of the kids. So he better be nice to me so he doesn't have to do everything I do. He always tells me I better not cause he'd go crazy without me. I believe him!

****Had to come back and edit this one. I've lived through the fear and terror of almost losing a child and dealing with major medical issues. Maybe it's my way of coping with life but we've all become a little flippant with death around here. So when I threaten to kill myself to avoid life with my children it really is just a joke.

2. Do you use a flat-iron or curling iron?
Flat iron. My hair does this half wavy half curly thing on one side and is straight on the other. If I try to curl it the other side goes straight and the curl lasts on the usually straight side. Did that even make sense? My hair has a mind of its own is all I can say.

3. Hands-free or phone to the ear?
Phone to the ear. I have little ears and I hate the blue tooth things. They never fit right. Could also be why I don't like headphones.

4. Do you have a matching bedroom set?
We used to! Until my husband decided he couldn't stand our bed anymore and sold it at a garage sale last year and bought his sisters bed from her. Now he hates that one. Oh well. Someday I will have the bedroom set of my dreams. Yes I have a picture of it all cut out and ready to go so that when I have some rich (unknown to me) relative kick the bucket and leave me all their money I'll be ready to go get it.

5. Do you believe in the paranormal?
Yes. At my 8th birthday party my cousin and I set up all this stuff to pretend a ghost was there. She had learned some chant at rainbow girls or some place like that. So we were going to have a séance. Something was knocking on the walls and knocking over stuff that we never rigged to fall over. We got all creeped out and pretty much freaked out.

My grandmas house has a ghost too. It's the old neighbor from across the street. When ever something creepy happens she says it's just Mrs. Turner coming for a visit.

***Again another edit. My grandma also used to say that there weren't any rattlesnaks on her side of the road because they were afraid of Mrs. Turners ghost. That's been proven false in the last few years as family members have found several rattlesnakes out there. Also I do believe in God and Angels and Demons. I think they are all around us all the time. I can't tell you how many times since Colbys stroke that people have told us they can feel the angels protecting our home every time they come to visit. It's a bit humbling to know we have lots of protection looking out for us all the time.

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***** Shoot me! This is the third add on of the day! Maybe one day I'll learn to write a post and edit it before I hit publish. But probably not! Anyway, I just came across this bloghop and had to join it. It's called Friday Follow and you can check out some great blogs if you'd like by clicking on their links. Hopefully next week I'll be more organized and have a button for it also.

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