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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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I fought the....

Cat? Pen? Either way Riley did not win with either of them. The cat scratched her ears and eye yesterday afternoon. We stopped to talk to some neighbors around the block and Riley thought it would be fun to play with their kitty. In all fairness she was warned the cat didn't like kids. I was talking and thought she was playing with the big brown lab who LOVES kids. Then I heard her scream. She is one tough cookie though. She cried for all of 30 seconds. Got blood all over my shirt and then decided she needed to go back and pet the kitty again. Some kids just don't learn. I grabbed her up kicking and screaming and begging to go back and pet the kitty and took her home to get some peroxide and a new shirt.

The pens would be from a to quiet morning and mom not paying attention to the quietness. Actually I left her and Jahnna downstairs reading books and came up to get Colby who was waking up and yelling for me. Jahnna was reading a story to Riley when I left. 15 minutes later Riley came up to show me how pretty she was. You just gotta love the adventures two year olds have.

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