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Friday, June 26, 2009

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Why paint is no longer allowed

Jahnna was painting yesterday while Riley took a nap. She forgot to put her pictures up on the counter out of reach. Riley decided she'd like to paint too. I've decided that paint, markers, finger nail polish, scissors or anything that can be used to destroy my house in five minutes or less is officially banned! All right not really but it sure sounds like a good plan.

In case you are wondering what this fabulous color is called, it's I stole my sisters pictures and mixed them all together brown. A mouthful I know but appears to be the most popular color in our home!

John and Jahnna decided to build a bird house together out of some wood we had laying around. So here is the fun process.

Jahnna was cutting up newspaper to put inside the bird house.

You know you are going to grow up and be the worlds most talented painter when you can paint with two paint brushes at the same time!

Jahnna was very nice and let Riley help her paint the bird house. No tears involved or anything. They had a lot of fun. I think our birdhouse is the most colorful one I've ever seen.

Jahnna really wanted her picture taken with a piece of bark. Not sure why but here it is.

Daddy hanging up the masterpiece.

The finished product.

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