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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Where have we been?

Goodness time flies when your not doing anything! The last few weeks I've been hanging out with the kids and haven't had a whole lot of time to post anything.

We've had a bit of fun. We went to the car show and hung out with John over the 4th of July. Well we were actually there the third but he had to work the booth on the 4th. Jahnna went with him Thursday morning and had a blast playing guitar hero on the big tv in the back of the army H3 hummer. There was a traveling drill sgt there who was challenging kids to push up competitions. It was the usual army booth but we hung out and strolled around looking at the cars with Grandpa Amundsen and cousin Kaleb. Then on the 4th we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Amundsens for a tri tip bbq and fireworks. The kids had a ton of fun. Colby got fussy and had to sleep during the fireworks. I think the noises and lights are a little to much sensory overload for him still.

Last Saturday I took Jahnna and Colby to the local swimming pool. They are awesome and open it up to people with disabilities and their families from 10 - 11:30 saturday morning. It was packed! Colby loved it for an hour and then went to sleep for the last half hour while I held him in the warm water. Jahnna was a little fish. I was trying to teach her how to float on her back but I had to hold Colby with my left arm and try and support her with my right arm. (I did used to teach swim lessons so it's easier for me than it sounds) Anyway she wasn't having any part of that and promptly decided to sink. She's flailing (is that a word or did I just make it up?) around and I just look at her and tell her to put her feet down. We were in 2 feet of water and she's drowning. The kid is 4 feet tall. She just had her doctor appt so I know she's exactly 4 feet tall. She stands up and it comes up to her hip and she stomps her foot and says I'm not swimming anymore. So much for persistence. Anyway the pool has life jackets out for all sizes so her and Tia went over and got themselves life jackets. Then she was unstoppable. One of these days I'll get her into swim lessons but for now we'll be headed back on Saturday. I might even be brave and take Riley one of these weeks. She loves Fwimming. That's how she says it!

Colby got his 4 year old shots last week. Then he didn't sleep for the rest of the week. Finally last night he slept his usual 4 1/2 hour stretch and then was back to being up every two hours after. That's such a blessing when he's been up every hour for the last week. He's in the 5th percent for height but he finally passed the 36 inch mark! Hallelujah I thought he'd never be 3 feet tall! But he's in the 50th for weight. I was shocked to find out he's gained 3 kilos or 6.6 pounds in the last six months. For the first year after his stroke he stayed the same 12.8 kilos. I thought he'd never gain or grow. But he finally has! The doctor asked me if I was sure I wanted to give him all four shots at once. I said you better because if we do it one at a time he'll have reactions to each one and we'll just drag it out so this way we'll just get it done and over with all at once! Poor kiddo. He's such a trooper he started to cry and I said we're all done and he didn't even shed a tear!

Riley had her appt the same day. She's in the 50th percent for height and the 5th for weight. Funny that they are opposites! She got two shots. Screamed for a second. The nurse said do you want a sucker and she said Yup! Then she was good to go. I'm excited that she to has put on 6 pounds in the last six months and has hit the 2 feet mark! I was a little worried about her for awhile. They started talking about failure to thrive and that nonsense and I figured we didn't need to add a third kid with a medical diagnosis.

Well that's about it from here. Oh Colby is back at preschool and is doing so much better on the bus ride home. He doesn't cry anymore. I think the antidepressant change was a good thing. And he's finally on the division of services for people with disabilities (dspd for short)waiting list for funding. It's need based so there's a chance he might never get it but at least if your on the list then you might get it some day. They help with things like diapers and respite services and stuff like that. Anyway really that is all. I'll end with a pic of John playing guitar hero. It's a rough life at the car show!


At July 17, 2009 at 9:25 PM , Blogger Amanda said...

It's good to see an update on you guys. Are you still having the nurse come at night? If any of my kids gained 6 pounds in 6 months I'd about pass out. They're all just little. I promise I feed them.

At July 18, 2009 at 7:13 AM , Blogger Erin said...

Yes she comes 5 nights a week. Last night and tonight are all mine. Makes me appreciate the other 5 nights so much! I think Colby just finally reached a place where his body could think about growing again instead of just maintaining. So that's probably why he gained so much. Now his bodies trying to play catch up. It's craziness but I'm glad he's finally looking healthy!


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